Jeff Bott

Hello, my name is Jeff Bott, Personal Trainer and co-owner of Oakland Strength Factory.  I have had a lifelong passion for fitness and have studied martial arts for over twenty-five years.  In addition to working in traditional gym environments, I have also had the opportunity to work under a number of talented physical therapists, which has given me strong experience in corrective exercise and injury prevention. One of my unique strengths as a trainer is that I have experience training people from many different walks of life with different ability levels.  I have a passion for empowering people to meet their fitness goals and believe that good nutrition, rest, and stress reduction are integral parts of health and wellness.  I am eager to partner with you on your journey to optimum health.  


I have been a fitness enthusiast since the age of 11. Throughout my fitness journey I have participated in various sports from organized football at the high school and collegiate level to skateboarding. In 2014, I became inspired to pursue a career in fitness after attending an assembly informing high school students on the dangers of Type 2 diabetes. I walked out of the assembly with a renewed sense of purpose. My mission is simply to educate anyone who will listen about the benefits of fitness and exercise. I am a personal trainer certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine specializing in strength and mobility and an active member in the NorCal Powerlifting Federation located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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